Our new Site has been designed exclusively for the Club LR Members. Our website, www.ClubLR.gr, provides you with information about the current offers we make only for you as long as you visit it on a regular basis. The offers are displayed on the homepage of the site.

The www.ClubLR.gr site gives all the people who are interested the chance to join the Club easily and quickly. From the menu on the bottom right of the page click the option “Registration Form” and fill in the application form that appears. Fill in your personal details as well as the personal details of your Sponsor and then all the information required for all the products you wish to include in your first order.

In order to access the page that contains information about the current product or Set on offer, you must have first Logged in to the site. If you visit the webpage for the first time, then you should first click the “Account Activation” option.

Type the username and the password you want as well as the Member Code. After the activation of your account, every time you use the site you should select the “Log in” option and type the personal Username and Password you have set.

In the same menu there are also available, for your convenience, the LR Health & Beauty Brochures in PDF format as well as an e-book, the Collection catalogue and the monthly LR World of Greece and Cyprus.